Portable toilets are a necessity for all building sites. Choose the best portable toilets that meet your needs. This is because it is easy to pay too much if you overestimate your needs. However, it can lead to an unhygienic job site if you underestimate your needs.

How Do You Choose the Best Portable Toilets?

Ease of Use

Choose portable toilets for building sites that are easy to set up, clean, and maintain. Additionally, a good portable toilet is easy to transport and store. And it is simple to install.


We all want privacy when we are in the toilet. How much privacy? This depends on you. If privacy is more important to you, choose a portable toilet that comes with a shelter.

Weight Capacity

Choose a high-quality portable toilet. Make sure it is made of high-quality plastic. Because the quality of the material used determines the weight that the portable toilet can withstand.

Consumer Ratings

What do other people are saying about the portable toilet you want to buy? Browse the comment sections of these toilets. Then, select the one that has a lot of good comments.

What are the Best Portable Toilets for Building Sites?

1. Standard Porta-Potty

Standard portable toilets provide reliable performance. However, it does not come with extra amenities. That is why there are large, deluxe portable restrooms that provide several amenities and conveniences such as paper towels, extra room, soap, sink, sanitizing hand foam dispenser, and shelving.

2. Rolling High Rise Porta Potty

This portable toilet got its design from the standard high rise portable toilet. There are heavy-duty casters and smaller size. The smaller size portable toilets feature reduced tank size, open-top, and they partial open. And it fits in tight spaces.

Install heavy-duty casters in tight quarters.

3. High Rise Porta Potty

They are chemical toilets and portable restrooms. They are perfect for high-rise buildings. A crane or an elevator hoist them into the high-rise building projects. They are easy to transport. Because they are small and more compact. Its construction is sturdy. Therefore, it can withstand rugged use. However, most designs do not feature a roof.

4. Waste Tank Expansion

Some portable toilet models come with expanded size waste tanks. Choose large waste tanks because they increase the time between servicing and waste removal. Prices of these portable toilets depend on how often they are emptied. Therefore, larger waste tanks can save you money because they reduce the frequency of servicing.

5. Large Trailer Restrooms

They are perfect for large building sites. Why? Because these large construction sites need more comfortable restroom facilities. Large trailer restrooms have four or more stalls. And they also have several sinks, paper towels, and soap or foaming hand sanitiser. Most of these trailers feature flushable toilet action. They can improve the hygiene of the building site.

These are the best portable toilets for building sites. Once you decide to choose a portable toilet for your building site, choose the one that suits your budget and matches your needs.