Windows are the most noticeable part of any living space and are the part of the decor that first engages the attention of any visitor to a room. Windows can also play a large part in the external aesthetics of a building and architects do tend to give them a prominent place in their elevations.

Designers also depend on windows to give rooms the required brightness factor, as this is an important part of the interior decor. Windows can often become focal points in the interior design. Furniture in a room is often placed with respect to the position of windows and often the upholstery in a room will be made to match the window treatment. Windows can be decorated with drapes, shutters, sunscreen or blockout blinds or in other ways and must complement the other means used to make a living space more aesthetically pleasing. Good window treatments must suit the window and also the rest of the decor in the room so that it looks like a homogeneous feature. Poor or inadequate window treatments can often stand out as a blemish in a room that is otherwise well decorated.

blockout roller blinds for bedroom

Window treatments like outdoor blinds can also be applied to the outside of windows. You can have a box bay, that often serves as a ledge for potted plants that further add to the way that windows look to the outsider. You can also use ornamental grills, awnings, stained glass and other ways to remodel or treat a window. External window treatments often make a house unique and can help to make it stand out from the other buildings on a street. You can also create planters and climbers for greenery that can further add to the window treatment and also help to control temperatures in a home.

Every room can have window coverings that are different. While in a living room they need to be decorative and stimulating, in bedrooms the accent must be on light control and privacy. You also use shutters and blinds for the same purpose. Blinds can be of many types from PVC, metal, cloth, and wood – for inside and outside the home. They must be easy to operate, and it is not unknown to have blinds that can be controlled remotely.

Window treatments must not be a hindrance to looking out of the window while you are inside the room, but must at the same time prevent others from looking inside. Proper shutters, coverings, and blinds can ensure this. They should not hamper ventilation. They can often be chosen because of the orientation of the window with respect to the sun. It can also be dictated by the use that is being made of the room in which the window is. This is especially important for bedrooms and bathrooms. The outside environment can also at times have an impact on the type of window covering that will be suitable for a window. A window facing a public street will require a different treatment than one that is overlooking a garden or other view, like the sea.

Window treatments can also depend on the geographical location and the overall climate. Hot summers and lots of sunlight can call for shutters and blinds, while lighter curtains are indicated in places that are cooler and where the view outside is pleasant. Their choice can also often be dictated by the budget that you have, and where you have to make the right choice that will help you to control light and also ensure privacy. Any treatments that you opt for must also be easy to maintain and clean, as most treatments create additional surfaces that can gather dust and dirt.